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About VMS

VMS conducts preschool, school and after-school activities based on Montessori pedagogy.
These three departments have a natural collaboration in bright and effective locations. Our not-for-profit organization is a family cooperative that was founded in 1986. VMS has a stable economy and we own our building at Hälsingehöjden. We are members of the Swedish Montessori Association.
Preschool educators, teachers and their assistants have pedagogical responsibility. The daily administrative work is led by our principal, Lotta Häggström who is appointed by the school board. All of our teachers are duly qualified and have supplemented their degrees with Montessori education. We have an excellent student- teacher ratio.

We have approximately 216 students, half of which attend our preschool. VMS follows the evaluation criteria and education plan outlined by the Swedish school authority.
”Help me help myself” was one of Maria Montessori’s mottos. We arrange the environment in our school and preschool in accordance with their ages and needs. We have age-blended-groups and uninterrupted work periods, important elements in a Montessori school.
The goal of our work is to help children develop into harmonious, responsible and independent beings. We want to give our children a foundation for lifelong learning, with Montessori pedagogy as its base.